Agent Logged Into Queue But Not Receiving Calls

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    We have an issue on one of our sites that seems very similar to this thread:
    I'd add to that thread but it has been locked.

    We have a call queue (Advanced Pro) with 6 agents, they log themselves in and out of the queue as required using the soft buttons on Yealink 22G phones.
    The problem seems to happen every couple of weeks where an agent will be logged, DND is not set and the agent is shown as free and available, you can call the extension directly and it rings but calls from the queue will not be distributed to the agent.
    We have tried logging the agent out and in from the Queue Manager, re-provisioned the phone, taken it out and back in to the queue but nada.
    The only solution seems to be to restart the Queue Manager service but this is a drastic measure as there can be 14 calls in the queue which will lose their positions?
    At the moment we have to wait for a quiet period to restart the queue which means one agent is sat twiddling their thumbs with no calls.

    Agents are members of a single queue and we are running V15.5