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Discussion in 'CRM / Helpdesk / App Integration' started by millsey, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. millsey

    millsey New Member

    Dec 21, 2011
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    If we drag a user defined component into a flow, there appears to be a tag missing off the xml.

    This is the XML of a part of a flow which simply "goes" to another component:

    <vxml version="2.0" application="Root_Fletchers.vxml">
    <catch event="error.semantic">
    <assign name="project$_CurrentErrorName$" expr="_event" />
    <assign name="project$_CurrentErrorDescription$" expr="(_message == undefined ? '' : _message)" />
    <goto next="FS_ErrorHandler.vxml" />
    <assign name="project$_CurrentErrorName$" expr="_event" />
    <goto next="FS_ErrorHandler.vxml" />
    <catch event="connection.disconnect telephone.disconnect">
    <goto next="FS_DisconnectHandler.vxml" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_loopcounter" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_loopcounter" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_extension" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_extension" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_clientname" expr="'NONAME'" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_clientname" expr="'NONAME'" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_casenumber" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_casenumber" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_casenumbervalid" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_casenumbervalid" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_fee_email" expr="''" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_fee_email" expr="''" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_realcasenumber" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.FS_goselfserveroneone_realcasenumber" expr="0" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_NextComponentUri$" expr="'FS_MF_goselfserveroneone_Suffix.vxml'" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_NextErrorHandlerUri$" expr="'FS_ErrorHandler.vxml'" />
    <var name="application.SelfServeRef_NextDisconnectHandlerUri$" expr="'FS_DisconnectHandler.vxml'" />
    <goto next="SelfServeRef.vxml" />

    There is missing fromt he top of this file a definition:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    This is a _Prefix.vxml file, The Suffix is also missing this tag. The call flow vxml iteself DOES have the tag.

    By adding this in, the flow works properly. I only discovered this because other xml files which make up the flow always have this header.

    We are using version 3.0.3839.0 VAD

  2. VAD_Support

    VAD_Support Active Member

    Aug 6, 2009
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    Hi Millsey,

    Yes, we already noticied this and have made the fix, which will be available in the next release.

    Thanks for reporting it anyway.

    Kind regards,
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