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Apple Push functions means keeping software support - FOREVER

Discussion in 'iOS' started by azarett, Nov 10, 2017.

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  1. azarett

    Aug 24, 2012
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    There have been several threads recently relating to APN.
    Taking into account what I now know: that Apples push cert is only good for a year.

    Its very upsetting for me to put myself in the position of other users coming up from v14. If I purchase a product outright / perpetual license, I think its reasonable to expect that product continue to function IN FULL, as it did from the date of purchase. ( I have many systems that do function this way - they only work on the OS and framework they were built on, and we keep them that way... Medical Devices, CnC equipment, plotters, Door Access, ETC )

    At the same time, I understand how apple regulates its certificates is beyond the control of 3CX.
    But as my purchase and contract is with 3cx, not Apple, I feel strongly the responsibility to maintain (what some may argue) is a core function of the product rests with the developer.
    I certainly never saw a warning next to the app when I bought it reading " You must maintain support in order to replace the APN Certificate every year "
    And as an IT professional, I encourage all my clients to maintain support on

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