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Assistance Configuring 3CX in VMware

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by SilverReefCasino, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. SilverReefCasino

    Oct 18, 2013
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    Assistance Configuring 3CX in VMware & VLAN Configuration

    It looks like we're pulling the trigger on a 3CX implementation of around 300 handsets and the Hotel Module with PMS. We've done some extensive testing on VMware vSphere Essentials 5.1 Windows Server on a single vLAN which worked great... but now are now ready to create the production 3CX-environment. We are thinking that we want to create a separate vLAN for the IP Phones Networks to keep the traffic isolated and prioritized, but still need the 3CX server to talk to both the Vlans for IP Phones and PC Workstations.

    We're looking at:
    * Installing around 100 Gig phones to offices and using the dual gig Ethernet to pass through the computer workstation. Looking at VLANing IP phone separate from a Workstation vLAN.
    * Installing around 200 100Mps Phone in non-office environments (wall phones, public house phones, hotel room phones that will not be connect to PC workstation) in another separate VLAN(?)

    Does anyone have a configuration documents, network diagrams or can offer any suggestions on installing 3cx in a VMware & VLAN environment.
  2. ian.watts

    ian.watts Active Member

    Apr 8, 2011
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    I suppose the first question would be.. is it going to matter?
    Put another way, do you have a congestion issue with your LAN as it stands.. without considering VOIP?

    VLANs are fine, but unless there is a definite payoff, don't bother.

    That aside, I'd put your PBX on your voice VLAN as you see fit. The phone templates can be customized to allow for a custom VLAN config to be provisioned to the handsets. Similar, you will want to independently verify DHCP is scoped and listening/relaying properly on that VLAN.. perhaps with a workstation/laptop you either specify the VLAN for, or by setting a port-based VLAN config on the switch for a particular port.

    That aside, you will still want to route between your voice VLAN and your "desktop" VLAN, because the "web components" used on the workstations will need to talk to the PBX, namely your MyPhone (v11) or CTI (v12) onto that web platform (TCP 5000) on the PBX.

    There may be a payoff in QoS for your RTP traffic for both the internal and external call legs. SIP itself needs little priority, won't affect "call quality" issues anyway.

    The cost goes up for the Gig handset.. coupled with Gig PoE (ouch).. but can be done. The handset in pass-through, though on separate VLANs, will still be limited to 1Gbps or 100Mbps in total.. meaning the workstation bandwidth will "go down" while on a call.. but 128Kbps really isn't all that much, frankly.
  3. JonnyM

    May 17, 2010
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    Put the phones and PBX on the same VLAN, route between that VLAN and your primary / default VLAN.

    3CX doesn't know / doesn't care if it's on a VLAN, but you will have to manually set the VLAN on the phones unless you're using CDP. Tag the voice VLAN onto the ports and leave the network you want to give to devices connected to the phones untagged.
  4. tsukraw

    tsukraw New Member

    Mar 9, 2012
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    We've done this many times and shouldn't be a problem putting the phones/3CX on a vlan and in your case probably makes a lot of sense. That way a normal person cant plug into the back of a phone with a computer and be on the voice network they would have to have a little IT knowledge to figure out how to get on it.... By doing this you will also be isolating any broadcast traffic from other network devices that can in rare circumstances affect the phones.
    I sent you a PM. If you'd like help on getting the VMware setup for vlans and modifying the phone templates I can surely give you a hand.
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