Audiocodes Documentation Error?

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    The following section is from the 3CX documentation for AudioCodes.

    It says the default gateway is and then it says to set the Default Gateway to Is this an error in the documentation?


    From this point onwards, we will assume that the IP Address of the 3CX PBX Server on the network is, the IP Address of the device will be, the IP Address of the default gateway and DNS Server for the subnet is, and the address of the computer used to configure the device will be
    a. In the “IP Configuration” section, set the IP Address for the device to “”.
    b. Leave the “NAT IP Address” default – “”.
    c. Set the “Subnet Mask” to “”.
    d. Set the “Default Gateway Address” to “”.
    e. In the “SIP Parameters” section, set “Gateway Name” to “”.
    f. Set the “Working with Proxy” field to “Yes”.
    g. Set the fields labeled “Proxy IP Address” and “Proxy Name” to “”.
    h. Set the “Enable Registration” field to “Enable”.
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    Hey thanks for pointing that out. At the time when we wrote it initially we were using 253 as gateway but later on when we revised the documentation we had already reverting to a gateway on ip .1 on the test network were we use these devices to create these configurations. So If anything I would call it a minor oversight rather than an error :D We will fix it asap.

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