Auto Answer feature for Call Center

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  1. Manoj Perera

    Aug 8, 2017
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    Auto Answer feature on 3CX Client is a mandatory requirement when it use for call centers. Almost all call center software systems support this feature since its a highly important feature to improve the call center efficiency. Agent should hear small beep before few seconds (ex: 2 or 3 seconds) before call get answered automatically.So agent has enough time to ready for the call.

    Most importantly system admin should be able to enable the auto answer mode for agents which should be irrevocable for agents if admin didn't allowed the required permissions.

    3CX client support Auto Answer feature in client level which agent can enable/disable it at anytime.This is not acceptable in call center environments.Also configuration can change during 3CX client restart. So the current implementation is not help for call center environments.
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