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Auto Configure Trunk Group Inbound and Outbound Parameters

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by mkudlacek, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. mkudlacek

    May 11, 2016
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    I'm working on automatically configuring 3CX using the setupconfig.xml file and instructions from the following blog post : https://www.3cx.com/docs/configure-pbx-automatically/

    Is it possible to add Inbound and Outbound Parameters to the config? I pulled one of my back up files for a different installation and inserted the following lines in my setupconfig.xml under the siptrunk tag:

    <InboundParam ParamName="FromUserPart" ValueName="$CallerNum" />
    <InboundParam ParamName="ToUserPart" ValueName="$CalledNum" />
    <InboundParam ParamName="FromUserPart" ValueName="$CallerName" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="RequestLineURIUser" ValueName="$CalledNum" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="RequestLineURIHost" ValueName="$GWHostPort" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="ContactUser" ValueName="$CallerNum" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="ContactHost" ValueName="$ContactUri" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="ToDisplayName" ValueName="$CalledName" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="ToUserPart" ValueName="$CalledNum" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="ToHostPart" ValueName="$GWHostPort" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="FromDisplayName" ValueName="$OutboundCallerId" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="FromUserPart" ValueName="$OutboundCallerId" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="FromHostPart" ValueName="$GWHostPort" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyDisplayName" ValueName="$OutboundCallerId" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyUserPart" ValueName="$OutboundCallerId" />
    <OutboundParam ParamName="RemotePartyIDCallingPartyHostPart" ValueName="$GWHostPort" />
    <SourceIdentification ParamName="ContactHost" ValueName="$GWHostPort" />
    <SIPFieldWithDID Name="ToUserPart" />

    However, after 3CX was installed, I logged in to check the sip trunk and the Inbound and Outbound parameters were set to the default values.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.