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Auto Gain on all audio files created

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by sysadmin_at_lca, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. sysadmin_at_lca

    Jul 8, 2014
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    I tend to find that when getting IVR prompts recorded, or reports back from users that voicemail recordings are quiet.

    Over the weekend I deployed a new 3CX system with IVR, having my wife record the IVR messages - all came over very quiet (we were recording in a quiet kitchen). Hence when the audio kicked in, with the hold music in the background it was nearly impossible to hear.

    That same situation happens with recorded voicemails when you play them.

    So - to solve the issue (without getting them re-recorded) I:

    - downloaded the .wav file to my PC
    - opened it with WavePad Sound Editor (from NCH Software)
    - when to the Levels tab and clicked "Auto Gain Control"
    - saved the file as xxxx_gain.wave and uploaded back into the phone system

    Perfect - audio is now maximised, clear, non-distorted.

    Now I was thinking - what if this was rolled into the 3CX phone system as a switch you could turn on.

    Autogain all audio that is recorded - either for use in IVR or as voicemails.

    I don't think the processing is that much, and on a small phone system (4 extensions) running on an i5 system with 8GB RAM. For larger phone systems you could either (a) disable autogain if it takes too much processing power or (b) queue up the audio to be auto-gained and process it when the system is (more) idle.