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  1. nupton

    Oct 5, 2007
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    I've been trying to get 3cx to initiate a call with my SIP trunk provider They don't use a user/pw authentication, it's IP only. I get this error when trying an outbound call.

    [CM104008] Call(30): Call from Ext.6000 to 19194383397 terminated; cause: 403 This gateway does not serve that domain.; from IP:

    and this when I try to dial in.

    [CM010001] Line configuration does not allow identification of the source of this call. Check Advanced Options for Gateways and Providers and match a field to a correct value from the following: Contact IP: ''; From: '+19194383397'; To: '+13176001149'; Rline: '+13176001149'; Contact: '+19194383397'

    Has anyone seen this? Bandwidth sends the +1, but I'm not sure where to strip it.

  2. miraportuga

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    Aug 7, 2007
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    About the... Line does not allow....
    Go to your VSP Configuration, on the last "tab" enable use IP in contacts and put there '', then it should not show that message anymore.
    About the +1 thing, unless you have it set on outbound rules i dont know what else to do, if you have it there thoug, you'll have too put the r on the last option to remove that +1 or RR, not sure now.
    About the Gateway not serve that domain. you said it works through IP, for what it says there, is telling you that your domain isnt registered on their site or something, resuming, it doesnt allow you to make a call becouse your not on their allowing list...

  3. ecwilson

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    Jul 12, 2007
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    To use unregistered did's you will need to setup your pbx servers domain
    srv service & then put a check mark in the direct sip calls. You can find
    this setting s in the general settings tab. You can test your setup by going
    to they have a try now setup that will test your server to make
    sure you have everything setup right.


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