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    Hi all,

    For you who would be interested in becoming beta testers of the 3CX Android Client, feel free to signup at the following link:

    By signing up, you'l have the ability to check out new features whenever a new beta version of the 3CX Client is available.

    What's new in the latest beta
    -Most notably, the ability to provision your 3CX Client via the "Scan QR Code" function. This function exists in 3 places.

    1) Upon starting the application for the first time ever, a provisioning assistant dialog will appear. This also appears if you have no accounts setup.
    2) In Settings > QR Provisioning
    3) In Settings > Accounts. This shows only when you have no accounts setup.

    Things to know:
    -If you are running the latest stable 15.1.90 version, you will need to uninstall this before installing the beta.

    How do i test this?
    -Grab a provisioning file from a Welcome E-mail (More help here)
    -Open it in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++
    -Copy the URL from it that looks like the following:


    Manually convert it to look like this:

    -Go to:
    -Put the URL you've just converted in the appropriate field and generate a QR Code.
    -Open your 3CX Client and scan the QR code from any of the 3 areas previously mentioned above in this post.
    -Enjoy your provisioned phone


    Give us your feedback and tell us what you think!
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