Billing Solution with Web billing,recharge,CDR,portal.

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    Looking for best Billing Solution for your VoIP Company,OR Want to start your own CallingCard, CallCentre, CallShop, PC2Phone, Callback (Pin/DID/IVR/Web/SMS),Tunnel,, Device2Phone business under your company brand name.
    Apnavoip is a platform that allows to implement various types of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP) services,

    Our VoIP billing, Softswitch solution provides the creation and management of:
    * Calling card Module , pin recharge.
    * Callshop Module.
    * DID Callback / SMS Callback / ANI Callback / WEB Callback /SMS Recharge.
    * Internal Billiing / prepaid / web reseller / web config.
    * WEB CDR/ WEB BILLING / Online account Generation.
    * IVR voice play UserBalance , IVR voice build , IVR Recharge.
    * SIP and H323 Switch.
    * SIP to H323.
    * H323 to SIP.
    * Codec G711/G723/G729/GSM610.
    * NAT private network pass through (SipLink Tunnel).
    * Tunnel Server/Tunnel pc2phone Dialer/Tunnel Proxy **** for UAE,dubai good VPN dialers with new skins.
    * Softphones (PC2Phone, PC2Phone Tunnel, CallBack, CallShop).
    * Endpoint as caller or called(call to private network).
    * Virtual Private Voice Network.
    * include h323 , sip softphone / webphone.
    * Secure payment/collection criteria for both prepaid and postpaid services.
    * Management Reports.
    * VoIP Termination.
    * Wholesale VoIP.

    Contact us if you are interested.

    MSN; sales(AT)apnavoip(DOT)com

    OR Email Us at apnavoip(at)hotmail(dot)com

    CALL US @ : +18882800861
    : +92217019239
    The name you can trust on "APNAVOIP".
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