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BLF Monitoring: Option to not send the Caller-ID

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Frank D, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Frank D

    Frank D New Member

    Oct 6, 2014
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    I propose a setting for each extension whether SIP-Notify messages should be send at all, and if they should include the caller-ID.

    Maybe this setting is best included in the group permissions settings
    Broadcast the status via SIP Notify messages Yes/No
    Include the caller-ID in SIP Notify messages Yes/No

    At the moment there is no way to configure which information is broadcasted by 3cx in SIP-Notify messages to phones monitoring the extension via BLF-Keys.
    Sometimes you need a BLF key for the monitoring of the status, but you don’t want the monitoring phone to show all the caller-id of incoming calls. As users can configure BLFs keys themselves on many phones or you just could listen to the IP traffic, broadcasting the caller-ID of incoming calls may be critical concerning privacy.

    I know, that many phones (e.g. Yealink) can be configured to show the visual BLF alert, or not, but this feature request is about the broadcasting of the info by the pbx, because:
    Sometimes you want the caller-ID for one monitored extension and not for a second monitored extension.
    Some phones don’t support this functionality.
    If the sip-notify message is broadcasted including the caller-ID over the network, any device could listen and pickup that information.
    You don’t want to disable the functionality on all phones, just because some extensions need the caller-IDs of incoming calls to be private. Often BLF keys can be set up by users quite easily.

    Keep up the great work