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Bring Back the Cloud Tenant

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by vancouvercom, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. vancouvercom

    Jun 12, 2013
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    The Multi-Tenant capability in Version 14 was absolutely wonderful.
    As most people are well aware, IP Addresses are costly and as we grow the Hosting Aspect of our business, having to use a separate Public IP Address for every Hosted Customer is taking its tole.

    I think it would be great to Bring Back the Multi-Tenant Capability to allow cost-effective Growth of all of our Hosted Client Base. Even the 25 Client Limit was great by comparison.

    Who else agrees?
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  2. advanced25

    Aug 10, 2012
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    I completely agree! We have created a fully functional solution where we are using only a single IP with about 50 instances behind it presently. It's an involved process to set this up for each instance, but it conserves IP addressing which is vital.


    We have been using this solution for about 8 months now, and even though it's solid/reliable, I can certainly say that we badly miss the multi-tenant version. We were told that it would be easier and better to manage 50 Linux VMs rather than 2 Windows VMs and I can say that it is not better! Take for instance the need to have failover. Before we could use 2 primary and 2 backup servers. Now we need to have 50 primary and 50 backup servers!

    It's true that the Linux edition is a lot better in terms of resource utilization, but 50 VMs use more overall resources than 2 VMs ever did.

    Another change that really kills us is the fact that license keys are no longer hot swappable due to them being tied to the FQDN. Before, we could swap keys on the fly so that we could move at the speed of business. We would have lots of spare keys so that if a customer grew and they needed more simultaneous calls we'd just swap their key and use their old key for another new customer. Now moving a key is a nightmare for us. As a hosting provider we have no flexibility in this regard.

    We really miss the cloud console from way back in version 12 - where you had tabs for all of your instances. This wasn't a perfect solution, but at least with a single master password we could manage all of our instances. Now because all of our instances are on different ports on the same IP, we need to keep a spreadsheet of what HTTPS port to use for managing each instance. There really needs to be a central console where we can globally see all calls in progress across all instances and drill in to each instance from there. We need this!

    The only benefit that we see with having separate VMs is the ability to update them independently. 15.5 Update 2 killed the (better) legacy conference call setup that existed in previous versions. When our Update 2 clients complained about it, we knew not to upgrade any of our other clients until this gets resolved.

    I really hope that 3CX is listening to the feedback of it's hosting partners because as much as we love the product we feel that there is room for innovation in regards to multi-instance management and tenancy.
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