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Broadband Woes and some tools to test with

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by TotallyVoIP, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. TotallyVoIP

    Jul 2, 2010
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    Recently we had an issue with one of out BT Broadband lines, and after much back and forwards, they recommended moving the line it was on. This in itself seemed to cause more problems for BT, and the net result was to create a new Broadband on a new line, then once complete, cease the old line (we needed to maintain connectivity).

    Both the lines are supposed 20mb, but in reality they are rated at below 10mb, though between all the lines coming from the same exchange and terminating at the same junction box there was a difference of between 2.4mb to 8.5mb potential performance!

    So the interesting bit starts when the new BB connection goes live. The new line, chosen as the one with best potential speed (8,5mb), causes a test router to fail to connect (DLink) an old netgear connects but stuggles with dropping the conenction. A draytek is next, but it is switched from active duty, and it connects but the speed is really slow. So a brand new router is plugged in (Billion), and again the speed is deathly slow. I have used a few speed testers, and as they are so simple can get clients to run them remotely, 2 have VOIP specific test functions, 1 is just a simple up/down/ping test:




    The botton line was a download speed of 120k, upload varied from 1k to 450k, but download was max 160k.
    Called BT, and then got told the dreaded, it's within the 10 day settling down period, we can't do anything. It was a Friday and I decided to wait till Monday to chase them, and see what happenned over the weekend.

    Monday, the general results were down to 60k download, uploaded again 1k-500k. Called a different BT fault department woudl this time conceded that the speed was unacceptable even for a "stabalising" period and ran some tests, low and behold they said they found a "glitch" and would re-provision (or something similar) the line, give it a day or so and things should improve. 2 days later, nothing.

    Call same department who were at lest helpful and they gave me a url to run a BT speed test:
    You need to enter the line number the ADSL is on, and they check the details etc, AND this records the results for the engineers to see from their own systems. Most of the staff can only see the last run test, but from talking to them, I'm pretty sure the real engineers can see a history of them.
    Anyway this produced the same 50k download and 100k upload, again they were scratching heads and saying wait 10 days more.

    By this stage I am worried as I've already terminated the original ADSL and only have a few days left on it before it's ceased...

    After much phoning I final get a team in Scotland who take the issue seriously, speed still in the 50-100k, and they can see a fault that is not going to clear by itself. Engineers set for 2-3 days. Engineers no show, down to a fault in their booking system, re booked ... 9 days till next appointment! Scottish team now on first name terms, realise this is getting daft (the polite word, they certainly did not use it!). They reprovision the line again remotely and low and behold, 11.5mb/800k up.

    The reason for sharing this, while this was happening I started to run the BT speedtest on some other BT ADSL lines, and found 1 other than had slipped dramatically since install. Having used their tool, they could not dispute the speeds and had to fix that one, which they did quite quickly.

    If you get a really low speed, leave it as the last run test, so that everyone can see it at BT, and get them to fix the problem.
    Now I have 2 ADSL lines (the Scottish team have extended the original connection for a few more weeks) I can run some tests using 2 connections, and fail over and the like. Once I find my feet with the 2 connections, trying some load balancing might be in order, though that might be one step too far.

    If anyone has any experience to share on 2 ADSL lines/failover/load balancing, please see my other thread:

    If nothing else I hope the tools help!
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  2. RichardCrabb1

    RichardCrabb1 New Member

    Mar 7, 2009
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    Thank you for that. It shows what can happen and the usefulness of BT's speed tester. This applies to other providers that buy wholesale from BT.

    Richard Crabb
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