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Call back functionality and others

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by eagle2, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. eagle2

    eagle2 Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2011
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    3CX, trying to be a competitive PBX needs at least implementation of some standard telephone exchange features, like:

    - call back functionality for extension-to-extension calls, being triggered at end of conditions busy or no-answer (last after first call)
    - boss/secretary pair of extensions, also several bosses / several secretaries
    - feature access code by dialing digits instead of using 3CX Phone, extremely useful in certain scenarios (where no PC is available), etc., like call forwarding, 3-party conferencing, etc.
    - other typical features met in other popular brands

    Neglecting implementation of above features is not helping 3CX being competitive, regardless of many other useful features.
    Nobody would like to wait for version 16 to have some basic features in place, lack of which is at least annoying.
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Thread Status:
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