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Discussion in 'CRM / Helpdesk / App Integration' started by voiptoys, Mar 9, 2018.

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    I'm going to embarrass myself a little here. Several years ago I was trying to use the divert API and just couldn't get it to work. I found out, after considerable effort, that the documentation was incorrect, and was told by 3CX "just do this" (I don't remember what I was told to do). I made the suggested change and everything worked perfectly. Fast forward to present day, and I can't find the old code, and I can't get it to work again.

    I was wondering at what stage in a call can I use the divert? Does it have to be a connected call, or can I redirect a call while in the "dialing" or "ringing" stage?

    I want to monitor for outbound calls, and if the call is not permitted (based on some business logic), divert the call to an internal extension. Ideally, I would like to divert the call as early in the call setup process as possible -- preferably in the dialing stage before the call starts ringing.

    Any guidance would be appreciated
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