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Call Control API for v15.5

Discussion in 'CRM / Helpdesk / App Integration' started by ben.tggc, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. ben.tggc

    Oct 23, 2014
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    I'm having an issue with the CreateExtension API call after moving to v15.5

    I can create extensions using this method but they are corrupt and can't be edited using the 3CX Management Console extension_editor page.

    After extension creation on the extension_editor page i notice that:
    • Forwarding Rules aren't set correctly
    • No Codecs are set (Can't see an option in the api for this)
    • Rights aren't set
    Here is my method i use to create an extension:

    public string newExtension(string email, string fName, string lName, string nextAvailableDn)
                    int ex = -1;
                    int.TryParse(nextAvailableDn, out ex);
                        Extension e = PhoneSystem.Root.GetTenant().CreateExtension(nextAvailableDn);
                        e.AuthID = nextAvailableDn;
                        var chars = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789";
                        var random = new Random();
                        var result = new string(
                            Enumerable.Repeat(chars, 7)
                                      .Select(s => s[random.Next(s.Length)])
                        e.AuthPassword = result;
                        var nums = "0123456789";
                        var result2 = new string(
                            Enumerable.Repeat(nums, 4)
                                      .Select(s => s[random.Next(s.Length)])
                        e.VMPIN = result2;
                        e.Enabled = true;
                        e.HidePresence = false;
                        e.Number = nextAvailableDn;
                        e.FirstName = fName;
                        e.LastName = lName;
                        e.EmailAddress = email;
                        Extension ex2 = PhoneSystem.Root.GetDNByNumber("102") as Extension;
                        e.BusyDetection = ex2.BusyDetection;
                        e.DeliverAudio = ex2.DeliverAudio;
                        e.Internal = ex2.Internal;
                        e.NoAnswerTimeout = ex2.NoAnswerTimeout;
                        e.OutboundCallerID = ex2.OutboundCallerID;
                        e.QueueStatus = ex2.QueueStatus;
                        e.RecordCalls = ex2.RecordCalls;
                        e.SupportReinvite = ex2.SupportReinvite;
                        e.SupportReplaces = ex2.SupportReplaces;
                        e.UserStatus = ex2.UserStatus;
                        e.VMEmailOptions = ex2.VMEmailOptions;
                        e.VMEnabled = ex2.VMEnabled;
                        e.VMPlayCallerID = ex2.VMPlayCallerID;
                        e.VMPlayMsgDateTime = ex2.VMPlayMsgDateTime;
                        e.EnableSRTP = ex2.EnableSRTP;
                        foreach (FwdProfile fp2 in ex2.FwdProfiles)
                            List<ExtensionRule> arrR = new List<ExtensionRule>();
                            foreach (ExtensionRule ExRule in fp2.ForwardingRules)
                                ExtensionRule er = e.CreateForwardingRule();
                                er.Conditions.Condition = ExRule.Conditions.Condition;
                                er.Conditions.Hours = ExRule.Conditions.Hours;
                                er.Conditions.CallType = ExRule.Conditions.CallType;
                                er.HoursRanges = ExRule.HoursRanges;
                                er.Data = ExRule.Data;
                                er.Forward.To = ExRule.Forward.To;
                                er.Forward.External = ExRule.Forward.External;
                            FwdProfile fp = e.CreateFwdProfile(fp2.Name);
                            fp.ForwardingRules = arrR.ToArray();
                        foreach (FwdProfile fps in e.FwdProfiles)
                            if(fps.Name == ex2.CurrentProfile.Name)
                                e.CurrentProfile = fps;
                            else if (fps.Name == ex2.OverrideProfile.Name)
                                e.OverrideProfile = fps;
                        foreach (var item in ex2.Groups)
                            Group g = PhoneSystem.Root.GetGroupByName(item.Name);
                            g.CreateGroupMember(e, "__DEFAULT__");
                catch (Exception ex)
                    nextAvailableDn = "Error: " + ex;
                return nextAvailableDn;
    As you can use from my code I have tried to copy many of my options from a preset extension.

    Any help or advise will be appreciated.
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