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    Dec 8, 2015
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    I'm a french user of 3CX v14.
    An interesting feature would be a call cost management specified by Trunk and PSTN gateway.
    I'll explain.
    I've got 2 SIP Trunks accounts on 2 different providers. Additinaly I've my PSTN gateway.
    Each one have his own call rates.
    I created outbound rules in order to call to destinations with the lowest cost, but these rules allow to have dialing backup.
    ie : to call to France my outbound rule have 3 routes :
    - my PSTN gateway (only support 1 sim call)
    - a SIP trunk sich only permit out call (with low rates to France)
    - an other SIP trunk with higher rates but permit 3 calls

    unfortunately the call cost module only permits a global cost by prefix, if it could permit a cost by prefix and trunk it would be great, ie : for call prefix 0033 : cost for PSTN gateway is x,xx€/min, cost for SIP-Trunk-1 is y,yy€/min and cost for SIP-Trunk-2 is z,zz€/min.
    It would be although interesting to keep global cost rate, since some different providers have same rates for the same destination.


    PS : please be kind, forgive me for any english mistakes.
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    Jun 29, 2015
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    I already opened a Feature Request excactly for this:

    Andreas Schnederle-Wagner