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  1. levit81

    Apr 7, 2015
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    I am not sure if this has been put forward yet, but I wanted to suggest a feature which I believe would be very beneficial for all 3CX partners out there.

    I have come across many phone systems and PBX's and not one has done this properly yet and I believe it would make a lot of support teams life a lot easier when handling call flow changes or understanding specific sites call flow when they need to tackle an issue or make changes.

    I would like to see functionality added that allows for 'live' call flow diagrams to appear. I have an example below which is from the Avaya system which you need to design the call flow from, I don't want to design call flow from this screen I believe it should be more focused on pulling the current call flows set as a live representation of what is set for each sip trunk to allow easy understanding and allow easier support when changing call flows or understanding how a particular customers call flow operates.

    Having this functionality built in would drastically change time invested in making call flow changes. The above examples are to give an idea of the concept, what Avaya has done is half finished, its ugly and doesn't look nice at all. You want something that works in with the new graphical changes to v15.

    I believe that most technical staff would prefer to draw a picture of how the call flows could operate, especially if it becomes quite technical with multiple time rules and different ring groups/call queues. Drawing out on a piece of paper allows you to get a better feeling and understanding of how you would like that call flow to operate and make your life a lot easier when putting together.

    Being able to pull from the current SIP Trunks/VOIP/PSTN/Inbound rules and putting those call flows onto a graphic interface, would allow any technical staff to come along with no prior knowledge of the particular phone system and understand how exactly the call flow works.

    Rather than having to go through each page following the call flow with a very high chance of missing an important link in the chain with human error and taking a job that should only take 5 minutes to make and turning it into an hour trying to back track your issue.

    I would also like to see as part of the new functionality, history stamps where it keeps the last (lets say 5) changes so staff can look back previous at how the call flows were structured before someone else came along and made changes so they could revert back to how it was previously.


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  2. rb1


    Nov 17, 2016
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    A callflow Editor would be great for 3CX. We haven't been using 3CX for very long. The first version we used was V14. We keep on running into call flow requirements that we cannot implement in 3CX. Are there any ways of currently realising more complex call flows in 3CX?
  3. aws2p

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Hi , french 3cx partner, i 'd like to have a call flow editor based on ipbx settings, the use of course would be a better understanding of PBX treatment of calls but also when you end your settings you can give your customer a document with the complete scenario of your PBX.
    It can be also representative state of "i've made the job you asked me".