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Call forwarding failing

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I just signed up for broadvoice last friday. I have free 3cx installed on server 2003 r2 sp2 with ISA Server 2006 Ent (pain in the butt).

    Everything works fine; forwards, makes and answers calls and all extensions work. GREAT program and to top it off it's free!


    The problem I am having is configuring this so that my one VoIP line works with call waiting. When people call me and i am on that line, I can see that 3cx tries to answer it like 3-4 times in about 1 seconds time and then throws an error and my caller hears a fast beeping busy signal.

    I am sure it is just a matter of setting this up to allow call waiting to bind properly, but i do not know how.

    When i made the line I put all the info in and it registered properly without problems. I checked with braodvoice in my account setup pages to make sure that call waiting was turned on and voice mail off and all that.

    Also, I have an Asterisk VMware machine that i tried with broadvoice and i got that to accept a second call while i was on the line and forward that off to an extension. So i know the broadvoice set up is correct.

    I dont' have the error logs anymore, but a normal call says "Ln:10001" when a call is placed or a call comes in. This is the 'extension' of my VoIP line. When a second caller called in while i was talking on the line, the error logs read someithng like "Ln:00010", "Ln:00011" and was progresing up in numbers. So it appears it doesn't know what line to put the second call over to and it is guessing randomly? Maybe this will help in troubleshooting.

    Any ideas folks?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.