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Call History Service not Starting.

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by concs, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. concs

    Apr 21, 2011
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    I find that the call history service fails to start sometimes. Starting manually takes a couple of tries sometimes also. Other times it starts fine.

    As it just failed to start after resarting the server I got this from the log.....

    07:06:26.225|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:07:26.221|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:07:26.250|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:07:26.254|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:08:26.250|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:08:26.276|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:08:26.278|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:09:26.274|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:09:26.301|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:09:26.303|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:10:26.299|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:10:26.328|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:10:26.332|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:11:26.329|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:11:26.355|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:11:26.357|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:11:39.313|Inf(03)| VMMonitor: alive (iter=18399)
    07:12:26.353|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:12:26.380|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:12:26.382|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:13:26.380|Inf(03)| SELECT value,kind FROM dnallocation

    07:13:26.410|Inf(03)| File not found
    07:13:26.415|Inf(03)| Running Call History Updater iteration
    07:13:48.298|Inf(03)| - onShutdown hanlder
    07:13:48.300|Inf(03)| - onStop hanlder
    07:13:48.517|Inf(03)| Unloading holiday events
    07:13:49.231|Inf(03)| User changed date time at: 5/01/2012 7:13:49 AM
    07:13:49.231|Inf(03)| Initialize timer at: 5/01/2012 12:00:00 AM with interval of: 60370768.03
    07:13:49.231|Inf(03)| Update extensions on time changed at: 5/01/2012 7:13:49 AM
    07:13:49.233|Err(01)| An error occurred when updating profiles on time change
    07:13:49.444|Exc(03)| TCX.Configuration.Exceptions.ObjectSavingException: Extension
    at TCX.Configuration.Extension.Save()
    at TCX.ExtSheduller.ExtensionScheduler.CheckExtStatus(LocalExtension localExt, DateTime currentTime, Boolean checkQStatExtCalls)
    at TCX.ExtSheduller.ExtensionScheduler.CheckUpProfilesOnTimeCh()

    No big deal but it would be nice to fix.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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