Call log notes for inbound and outbound calls

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    I have a client I just pulled from Shoretel and have found a bit of an issue. What I am going to describe is what was being done on a weekly basis for the Customer Service staff to allow their manager to see what kind of calls were coming in. When a call came into the system or was made outbound there is (in Shoretel) a notes field for the call detail (history) When they were done with the call they would add a note like pre-sale or general question and at the end of the week they would export their call history from the softphone interface to an excel file which included their notes. This way the manager could look at what was the big topic for the week. Remember this was for both inbound and outbound calls. I have figured a way to capture the inbound call by using the open app when a call comes in that then sends the caller's phone to a form field where they can add a not an click a field to assign the type of call however to do this in reverse seems to be impossible with my limited knowledge. My thought was that if a call comes in or goes out that in the history you could right click the call during or after the call and add a note that would be captured in the call log database and then have a weekly report show the note field to accomplish the same thing. Being able to add a note is a pretty common thing in a call center for at a minimum letting managers know that the call made may have been personal vs work related. Since is have a crappy CRM (infor) right now, I can't use standard integration into it and I am also not a programmer. The ideal situation is during or after each call (both incoming and outgoing) that there would be a website that would pop up with a form with all the call details including duration of the call and the staff could just click a choice button to tag with the type of call it is. If there is something like this let me know but if not I would like to suggest at a minimum a notes field that was stored in the database for reports in the future.