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Call Park parks but drops on pickup

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by jtrolinger, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. jtrolinger

    Mar 3, 2010
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    Our call park is not working. Calls can be parked *01. Picking up *11 drops the call. We have Grandstream phones and 3CX softphones.
    Patton SN4960 handles incoming calls only on an RBS T1. We only get the last three digits but the DID's are setup and working. Here are the logs for any kind soul that might be able to help:

    10:09:13.996  [CM503016]: Call(29398): Attempt to reach "DID002:"<sip:anonymous@>;tag=ec17ba36 failed. Reason: Server Failure
    10:09:13.996  [CM503003]: Call(29398): Call to sip:002@sip.odyssey.local:5060 has failed; Cause: 503 Service Unavailable; warning: ; internal
    10:09:13.824  [CM503025]: Call(29398): Calling @[Dev:sip:10017@]
    10:09:13.574  [CM503007]: Call(29398): Device joined: sip:*1@;rinstance=73c1c583954f9e52
    10:09:13.574  [CM503007]: Call(29398): Device joined: sip:1097@;transport=udp;user=phone
    10:09:13.418  [CM503025]: Call(29398): Calling Ext:Ext.*1@[Dev:sip:*1@;rinstance=73c1c583954f9e52]
    10:09:13.371  [CM503004]: Call(29398): Route 1: Ext:Ext.*1@[Dev:sip:*1@;rinstance=73c1c583954f9e52]
    10:09:13.371  [CM503001]: Call(29398): Incoming call from Ext.1097 to <sip:*11@;user=phone>
    10:09:07.012  [CM503007]: Call(29397): Device joined: sip:*0@;rinstance=16b9766048002c71
    10:09:06.856  [CM503025]: Call(29397): Calling Ext:Ext.*0@[Dev:sip:*0@;rinstance=16b9766048002c71]
    10:09:06.809  [CM503004]: Call(29397): Route 1: Ext:Ext.*0@[Dev:sip:*0@;rinstance=16b9766048002c71]
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