Call Queue Ringing Full "Wait Time" For Queue with One Extension

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    We have an office with two receptionists (they have their own desks, no "Hot Desking" required). But usually only one works at a time. Only on rare occasions, or for only a few minutes at shift change do they both work.

    I have setup a queue with both of their extensions in it and set to "Ring All". But under the understanding that only one extension would usually be logged in at a time, thus only one agent on the queue.

    If the receptionist walks away from their desk and forgets to change their status, the system is ringing the ONE extension on the queue for the full queue length of time (I set to 300 seconds), instead of the "Ring Time" which I set to 20 seconds. I have the "if not answered" set to send to voicemail.

    Why are calls not being routed to the "if not answered" after 20 seconds of "ringing"? I want to use the queue so that callers will be queued while the receptionist is on an active call (as opposed to just a plain "ring group"). But at the same time, I don't want the phone to be ringing at their desk for 300 seconds bothering the rest of the office if they don't answer the ring.

    Yes I have setup the auto-change in the Windows Client for both receptionists, but I set that to 5 minutes (which is 300 seconds). What if someone calls only seconds after the receptionist walked away? Their status won't be changed for basically the full length of the queue wait time. So that setting isn't a valid resolution to this issue. That would only solve calls that come in after the Windows Client changes the status, so that then they go straight to voicemail since no extension is on the queue when the caller joins the queue.
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    Hello @Mike83

    The option "Maximum Queue Wait Time (seconds)" is the maximum time that a call is allowed to stay in the queue unanswered. Once this limit is reached the call will be forwarded to the Destination of no answer.

    The option "Ring Time (Seconds)" is the duration of each polling attempt the queue makes to each extension. This option has nothing to do with forwarding the call to the destination of no answer.

    The receptionist in your scenario will need to manually change the status of the extension to ensure that the Queue will automatically forward the call to voicemail. You could also offer the caller the option to leave a voicemail by clicking the "*" button which sends the call to the destination if no answer.