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Call Reporting - Voicemail Insight

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Rick Nay, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. Rick Nay

    Oct 23, 2015
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    Hey there,

    After reviewing the new 3CX reporting function, I have a request that may behoove many partners/clients:

    Many of our clients have a strong focus on customer service and ensuring that they keep calls delivered to voicemail at a minimum. Unfortunately, some of these clients are reticent to spend the money on new people without empirical data to support the hire.

    With clients on v12/.5, we are able to run a report with the destination being "999" and the source being external. This will give us every call that was directed to voicemail (but not the number of voicemails that were actually left). This helps us run reports for clients stating, for example, "646 of your 1475 calls went to voicemail, which is 43.8%."

    In speaking with the support technicians at 3CX, this is not possible in v14 because the reporting feature functions differently. There is no way to get the information without generating reports for each individual extension and manually sifting through the data.

    It would greatly help our clients (and us) to be able to get insight into the number of voicemails that were left (and a percentage relationship to the number of inbound calls). A filter on voicemails per extension would be nice as well, as some of our clients have digital receptionist options that redirect to voicemail boxes directly (which will skew the data).

    This is important information to have in order to give the clients some direction on things such as whether they need to hire more people and what sort of effect the new hire(s) have had on customer service.