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    Feb 14, 2018
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    Dear 3CX community,

    My organisation is currently using 3CX (Pro Edition) as a VoIP solution for our offices and would like to use it to run our call centre as well.

    My question is - after an agent has answered a call from the queue, upon its completion, are they able to give a code/tag to categorise the call and/or add notes? Is this information then saved and can it be reported on?

    Any help would be much appreciated - I have several more specific queries about 3CX's capabilities as a call centre solution and would love to speak to other businesses or 3CX staff that could assist me with this.

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    Hello @Alex92

    The PBX does not provide CRM functionalities by itself, if this is what you mean, but you can easily integrate your CRM, ERP and Accounting System with it. You can find more info about this here
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