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Caller stays in Que when i answer there call

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Hotel, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Hotel

    Aug 14, 2009
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    I recently setup a 3CX server using Teliax and everything internally has been working great. I need to make remote extensions work with hardware phones but its been a hellish process. First off I have all the necessary ports opened on both ends (remote and server) and I have configured the phones setting accordingly to 3cx instructions.

    If a client calls into our work number (818-555-2345) they go to Digital Receptionist and then if they want to dial me directly they simply put in the extension. This work well internally but on this remote Snom-360 phone it gives me issues. When they dial my extension my phone rings but when I pickup I cannot hear anyone. I did further testing of my own with a landline I have for backup and come to find out the client never even hears me pick up the phone. They actually stay in the on hold music then get xfer to voicemail.

    Why when I pickup my phone will it not retrieve the call from the waiting que? The phone works fine in the office and the 3cx server has passed the firewall tests. The STUN server is being used (stun.3cx.com) and I get a stun error whenever someone calls my remote extension. I do not see how there could be a stun error as this part of the software seems pretty straight forward. STUN is setup correctly on both the phone and the server and in all honesty I do not know how you could screw stun up with as few options as your given.

    The firewall on my server is now turned off to further help in finding the problem. I even put the damn server in DMZ for a few minutes to see if there was a port forwarding issue. Any help would be apreciated
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