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Callhistory import from an old Version is not impossible

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by fh77, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. fh77

    Apr 19, 2015
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    Dear professionals and forum users,

    I have a relatively big problem. I have a callhistory.log file which includes all calls from 2008 to 2010. The installed 3CX version in 2010 was 6.1. Maybe this is also logfile from a previous version, wich I updated in 2008 or 2009?

    Now I need an evaluation of an extension of the period of 2009 and I can´t get the file imported. Intermediate I set up a new XP system fitted with a 3CX 7.1 (incl. The Call Reporter and Updater).

    This breaks with the following error message (sorry the lines are translated from germany to english):

    10: 22: 04,343 | Err (01) | Fewer values ​​in line, is this a correct version callhistory.log file?
    10: 22: 04,343 | Exc (03) | System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside of the array.
    at CallHistoryUpdater.CallLogParser3.ParseLine (String ln)
    10: 22: 04,343 | Err (01) | Extended Exception Info: Void ParseLine (System.String): 0

    I have researched and tried to perform the import into the 6.1, but that does not work because it had not yet been implemented, the evaluation with Callhistoryupdater. In any case, I hardly find something on the internet and need urgent help.

    Below is the first 20 lines of the log files:

    4,13:37:05.421 17/10/2008,1f32872ce9326e14,171,
    1,13:37:05.578 17/10/2008,1f32872ce9326e14,171,163
    3,13:37:05.593 17/10/2008,1f32872ce9326e14,171,
    6,13:37:05.593 17/10/2008,1f32872ce9326e14,,
    1,13:37:44.500 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,171,163
    3,13:37:44.500 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,171,
    3,13:37:44.500 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,163,
    2,13:37:49.203 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,171,163
    4,13:38:13.406 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,163,
    4,13:38:13.406 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,171,
    6,13:38:13.531 17/10/2008,9018260382601111,,
    1,13:41:41.656 17/10/2008,260b4f4be16d3b18,171,164
    3,13:41:41.656 17/10/2008,260b4f4be16d3b18,171,
    9,13:41:41.656 17/10/2008,260b4f4be16d3b18,164,
    4,13:41:41.687 17/10/2008,260b4f4be16d3b18,171,
    6,13:41:41.703 17/10/2008,260b4f4be16d3b18,,
    1,13:43:23.203 17/10/2008,5d2a703905674d46,171,36710166
    3,13:43:23.203 17/10/2008,5d2a703905674d46,171,
    3,13:43:23.421 17/10/2008,5d2a703905674d46,10003,03036710166

    Thanks a lot for help !! :p

    Regards Frank
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