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    I have one provider that is able to send the calls directly to my 3CX server IP instead of authenticating the trunk via username / password.

    How does it exactly works? I use same providers were the IP address is the authentication method (Type of authentication: Not required - IP Based) to place calls but I have no idea how it would work for receiving calls directly to my 3cx server IP.

    Thanks for anyone that can enlight me on this subject.
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    Hello @daktur

    Many providers offer IP based trunks where authentication is not required. Many of them have a online portal where you can declare your IP and the calls will be sent to that IP. If they do not have an online portal then most probably there will be a form you have to fill out for them to know your IP. Obviously a static public IP helps a lot in this scenarios.
    Please note that is always recommended using a supported provider that has been tested by us and we know it works. You can find the list of supported providers here.