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Cannot Register Extensions on 3CK V2.0 Beta 3

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Dear 3CX Team,

    I have 4 WinXP SP2 Workstations in a Lan for lab propouses. One of them has the 3CX Phone System for Windows Ver 2.0 Beta 3 installed on with extensions created. I have installed X-Lite SoftPhone Ver 3.0 in two of the others Workstations and the 3CX VoIP Phone for Windows on the last one. I had disabeled Windows Firewall in all of them.

    Althow I can call the clients, I can not get the "On Hook" status on the Managemant Console -> Phone System -> Line Status. It shoes "Not registered".

    Following a copy of Server Status:

    16:10:07.496 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Fabio Matos"<sip:100@>;tag=30361e5d has been registered successfully
    16:10:06.172 Registrar::eek:nAdd: Add: sip:100@
    16:10:06.172 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Fabio Matos"<sip:100@>;tag=f93b6048 has been registered successfully
    16:09:28.883 Registrar::eek:nRemove: Remove: sip:100@
    16:09:28.883 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Fabio Matos"<sip:100@>;tag=fa64fe55 has been registered successfully
    16:05:44.074 Registrar::eek:nRefresh: Refresh: sip:102@
    16:05:44.074 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Jose Venancio"<sip:102@>;tag=31595 has been registered successfully
    16:01:10.910 Terminated c6 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "102"<sip:102@> Call ended
    16:00:53.603 Established c6 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "102"<sip:102@> Call is established
    16:00:38.499 CallConf::eek:nOutgoingResp: Got response from <sip:102@>;tag=808ba50d5c85db11a979001321663a52 on invite from <sip:101@>;tag=ce68e33a. Response line: SIP/2.0 180 Ringing
    16:00:37.584 Calling c6 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "102"<sip:102@> Send INVITE to Ext:102
    16:00:37.522 Routed c6 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "102"<sip:102@> From: Ext:101; To: Ext:102
    16:00:37.522 CallConf::findDestination: Found destination Ext:102 for caller Ext:101
    16:00:37.522 Registrar::checkAor: Registrar resolved sip:102@ as <sip:102@>
    16:00:37.506 Registrar::checkAor: Registrar resolved sip:101@ as <sip:101@;rinstance=7ee99267be000789>
    16:00:37.491 Incoming c6 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "102"<sip:102@> Incoming call from 101
    16:00:37.491 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@>;tag=e7035438 has been registered successfully
    16:00:24.573 Terminated c5 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "100"<sip:100@> Call ended
    16:00:08.740 Established c5 "Christian X-Lite"<sip:101@> "100"<sip:100@> Call is established

    How can I get the correct status? Thank you for your time.
  2. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    Actually the phones are registering, but the software is not displaying the status correctly. This is a bug in the latest beta and we are fixing this. we hope to release monday /tuesday. In the meantime just ignore the unregistered status.... or else upgrade to the latest version IE6 or use Firefox. The bug only appears on older versions of IE.

    Our apologies for this inconvenience.
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