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Cannot register SIP account

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I've tried using 2 different SIP accounts with 3CX, but for the life of me cannot get them to register.
    They are Budgetphone (NL) and Xeloq/GoAndCall (NL/UK) accounts that use standard SIP.
    They both end up failing to register.

    If i install a softphone (Xlite) on that same server, the account does register, so i suppose it's not a forwardng issue.
    I'm behind a NAT router.
    If i setup these accounts in Trixbox (Linux) they also work.

    I'm provided with a use name, password and SIP server (sip.budgetphone.nl) by Budgetphone.

    Will there be more info on using 3CX with Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging?

    Anybody have an idea?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


  3. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    VOIP provider

    Hi Dennes,

    Thanks for your feedback. So it works with X-lite on the same machine, just not with those providers?

    Can you look into the server status screen and check at what stage the registration is failing? Check out this FAQ too

    Then let us know at what stage the error is happening and we will try to resolve this.
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for responding!

    Here's the server's status log:
    2006/11/12 >>
    20:44:26.171|.\SessionMgr.cpp(135)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Adding transports **
    20:44:26.483|.\SessionMgr.cpp(155)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize DUM **
    20:44:26.483|.\SessionMgr.cpp(169)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Server Authentication **
    20:44:26.483|.\SessionMgr.cpp(174)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Client Authentication **
    20:44:26.514|.\SessionMgr.cpp(204)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: STUN resolved external IP:
    20:44:26.514|.\SessionMgr.cpp(215)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Lines Manager **
    20:44:26.592|.\DBAccessor.cpp(53)|Log2||DBA: ** Database connection Ok **
    20:44:26.608|.\SessionMgr.cpp(219)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Status Monitor **
    20:44:26.608|.\SessionMgr.cpp(234)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::run: ** Start Session Manager **
    20:44:26.608|.\SessionMgr.cpp(243)|Log2|CallManager|SessionMgr::thread: ** Entering Main Loop **
    20:44:30.154|.\SLServer.cpp(10)|Log2||??: SL: connected venerable:0/MediaServer at [venerable]/MediaServer
    20:44:30.170|.\MSInterface.cpp(603)|Log2||MediaServerConnected: Media Server is connected
    20:47:57.089|.\SLServer.cpp(10)|Log2||??: SL: connected venerable:0/PHPExtension_0 at [venerable]/PHPExtension_0
    20:47:58.167|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:48:10.978|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
    20:48:36.163|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:48:41.038|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
    20:49:32.627|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:49:41.205|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
    20:52:27.820|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:52:41.851|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039%40budgetphone.nl@> for sip:10000@
    20:52:59.569|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:53:11.709|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039%40budgetphone.nl@> for sip:10000@
    20:53:30.458|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:53:41.817|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
    20:55:21.062|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:55:42.139|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
    20:58:02.585|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:58:18.303|.\LineImpl.cpp(93)|Log2|CallManager|LineImpl::update: Line: register line 31137113039
    20:58:32.959|.\SessionMgr.cpp(509)|Log2|Registrar|Registrar::eek:nFailure: Registration failure: <sip:31137113039@> for sip:10000@
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