Can't Get Open Contact URL In WebClient To Work

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Levi Koenig, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Levi Koenig

    Dec 20, 2017
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    Hey there!

    I have a desk phone setup and have signed into the 3CX WebClient. I want a webpage to open up whenever there is an incoming call (using the Caller ID as a parameter).

    I have gone into settings > Integration and checked 'Enable Open Contact URL', and input the web-address with the parameter I need. Here is a screenshot.

    When I do a test call the WebClient sees the incoming call and I can answer it from the web client (via my Deskphone) or the desk phone itself. But I can't get the webpage with my parameters to load.

    I have had success doing this same thing using the 3CX soft phone application on my Mac. But we will not be using the soft phone at our company (as we have the desk phones).

    Any idea on how to get this to work?

    Thanks! :)

  2. mariosM_3CX

    mariosM_3CX Support Team
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    Nov 1, 2017
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    Hello @Levi Koenig

    Most probably this is getting block by the browser pop up blocker.
    Please disable pop up blocker or allow pop ups from your FQDN and try again.
    I'm not sure about the browser you are using, but when trying in chrome i get a little notification that popups were blocked and i can allow them.
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