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    Hi i have a 3cx install on the latest version running on debian, we have a CDR output to a 3rd party call recorder/auditor but the time is showing as 1 hour behind. I have checked the date/time and zone on the underlying debian is correct. The local zone is london and the time shows as correct, the timezone in 3cx is also set to london but the output on the cdr seems to pick up on the UTC time rather than the local time zone. Any ideas on a fix for this problem as i have looked at everything and cant seem to get the CDR output to pick up on the local time rather than UTC. Thanks Dave
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    Hello @rcn

    The CDR information will be outputted in UTC time always regardless of server timezone / settings. The reports and logs automatically compensate for the time difference and will present to you the results in the server time. The reason that you see a different time mark now is because the CDR is still in UTC time. This is not something that can be changed so you will need to compensate for the time difference of the output.