Certain features need to be with Trunk instead of global

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    Oct 26, 2016
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    We run one PBX for all our European sites. We have one or more SIP trunks per site. Users are assigned to groups according to their main site. There are certain features that in 3CX are handled globally but should be part of the SIP Trunk configuration.
    1. E164 conversion - this feature needs to be SIP trunk specific as you'll have to determine the country the call is originating from
    2. Operator - the voice mail standard message states "or press star for an operator". You can only configure one (1) global operator per site.
    3. Outbound caller ID - different trunk providers need different Outbound caller ID's. I know there is a rule engine at SIP trunk level to generate this according to the needs. This is quite complicated. Consider having a field at extension lever where you can see or even set what outbound caller ID is sent per trunk