Change extension status from a different extension.

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  1. kenttec

    Jul 29, 2016
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    I have posted this suggestion before in a different way, despite being a platinum partner it still seems to fall on deaf ears, so here it is again in a different way.
    First the problem:
    Traditional PBX s, to which most of our clients have come from, are used to pressing a button to send there group calls to somewhere else, IE answer machine etc. The 3cx will not do this without a bodge. (unless it is the whole system).
    Our solution at the moment:
    Make a dummy extension, send all the calls to it, then change the profile of that extensions to the various states.
    Trouble is to do this on a button, you have to programme the phone for two different accounts, and use the 2nd account to dial out when changing profile, which is OK until there is a re-provision and the phone goes back to BLF keys using the line 1. So we have to turn off auto re-provisioning.
    So you can see all sorts of problems.

    Solutions, I have 3:
    1: Make more night services, perhaps day, night, lunch, away etc so different departments can have different times.
    2: Be able to change the extension status of a different extension on a code, perhaps *3 EXTN (1-6).
    3: Have different status's for ring groups and call queue's like the extensions have.

    Any one will do please please please.

  2. ConnectworksNL

    Mar 2, 2017
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    I Agree, my vote you have