Changes in Office Hours, Holidays

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  1. jeroendebruijn

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Although you certainly have have improved this in V15, I am sadly not yet not completely satisfied

    Clients want holidays for longer then a day (yes, we are in a rural area, where companies some times close for 2 or 3 weeks at the time, but wanting a custom ivr during that time. (eg custom message, and forwarding this to a different queueor external (mobile) number.

    A real request would be like:
    During Canaval,, starting this evening at 6 pm, I want a message telling people we are closed, but I want to have to give them an option to press 1 to get connected to the mobile phone of <Name>, But not in the weekends, oh, you have to take off the message monday <date> at 7:45 am sharp.
    Preferably they will ask this at 16:45 on that friday, of course :)

    So what really would like is to - Set multiple days at one, with starting and ending times ant connect that to any of
    • Queues
    • IVRS
    • Groups (although I hardly use those)
    • Extensions
    • External numbers


    CLI +31900666666 has an holiday from Friday march 17, 2017 18:00 to Monday, April 3 2017 07:45 connection to IVR 802 "Spring Holiday"

    Right now I can only use a start time, and i need to set each day, or overhaul the main IVR

    Every weekday I want to connect trunk +31166123456 from 08:00 to 17:00 to Queue 810 "Day Queue",Every weekday I want to connect trunk +31166123456 from 17:00 to 20:00 to Queue 811 "Consignation Queue",
    In any other instance, including the weekend, I want to connect trunk +31166123456 to "IVR 812 "Office closed"
    Right now, I have to rather Connect the trunk to an extension, sort times out, and connect each to a different IVR.

    Since You are able to change a phone status using office 365 agenda of a specific user, I would think that it is possible to create a likewise construction for a queue.

    I's think you could a select a specific office 3CX Agenda to schedule where you can add appointments. I would think 3CX could read each appointment, where it accepts a number in the location field, where it searches if this location is an extensions number. If it is, it will see if this number is a known extension, queue, group or IVR, and connects the trunk towards this number.

    As I understood IT was not possible (yet?) to switch back when the schedule ends. But one could do that by adding an extra appointment to the agenda with a specific Code tot he location "END" for example, to switch it back to the normal ivr.
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  2. rb1


    Nov 17, 2016
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  3. louisville

    Jul 30, 2013
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    Would like to take this a step further and add being able to have separate hours for different groups, such as a Florist having one 3cx system among 3 different stores. Some stores have different hours and would like to be able to set hours for those stores just like setting global hours in the system.

    Currently you have to set each extension up desperately, and if there are many extensions it can get really messy.

    Same with the holiday schedule. One store may be open while the other stores are closed. Currently we have no way to set one store holiday hours, and then the others are closed.

    These same features are in applications like YELP, and most WEB site set up. It would be good to be able to at least do the same thing as other applications.