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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    when i plug my cisco 7910 phones into the network, they say "configuring vlan" , that works itself through than goes into "confirguring IP"
    and doesnt get past that point.

    my network consists of- the two cisco 7910 phones plugged into
    a cisco catalyst 1900 switch, which has a few lines going to various nodes and to a PC with the 3cx software. conencted to the switch is a Netgear router which provides connection to the interent and DHCP services to all the nodes.

    i have tried unplugging the router and starting the windows based DHCP client to no luck.
    with the router, the phones temproraly report an IP of and .0.6
    within their settings menus.

    basicly you can tell i am sooo new to voice serives over existing infastructures.
    if anyone could help me with getting these phones correctly hooked up to the network and registered with 3cx PBX that would really be awesome.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i was able to fix the network side
    the switch and gateway were not properly configured.
    now the phone goes through its boot (config VLAN, config IP,..)
    than it gets to Configuring CM list. now the whole reason i got 3CX was because Cisco's CallManager is wayyyyy out of my price range.
    Configuring CM List goes thorugh sucsessfully than it goes to "Opening" (i assume thats the routers DNS adress????)
    after that it loops back to Config IP, Config CM list, Opening
    this loop goes on and on.

    either its not recognising the 3cx system, or something else
    i was able to navigate through a web broswer on a PC connected to the network to the phone's IP address and found an error log of sorts talking about "TFTP Timeout"
    and on the phones network config there is a space for a TFTP adress
    again im worried about ciscos software that i dont have.

    does anyone know how i can fix this or how i can configure the phones for use on the 3cx system?
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have educated myself a bit on the subject.
    Apparently the phones request configuration from the TFTP server, as part of the callmanager process.

    Further, it looks as though I will need a PBX that supports the SCCP protocol, being that the 7910 isnt an SIP based hardware phone.

    Either I work my ass off finding a copy of callmanager express or i figure out how to use Asterisk (another open source PBX)

    Feedback for the devolpers:
    Cisco is a very popular infastructure and IP phone solution. If possible you might want to update 3cx to support the Skinny protocol and SCCP.
    These seem to be almost proprietary to cisco although they arent unheard of elsewhere.
    Anyyhow native support for cisco devices would be a huge plus.
    keep up the good work.
  4. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    CISCO is proprietary

    Going thru your messages, the problem seems to be network configuration, nothing to do with 3CX.

    Many CISCO phones are now also SIP compatible, and some older ones can be upgraded to the SIP standard with a firmware upgrade. Check with CISCO about this.

    3Cx is a SIP based PBX and requires SIP Phones. We will not be supporting any proprietary standards. The whole point of an IP PBX is to have an open standard system. I suggest you upgrade your phones or just get a regular SIP phone. They are not expensive and offer everything a CISCO has.
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  5. Anonymous

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    this sooooo reminds me of what Jame's has mentioned in the main discussion forum.... :)
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