Cisco 7941G stuck in a loop

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by pmalinov, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. pmalinov

    Oct 13, 2010
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    I read a lot of different articles and DIYs guides for provisioning the 7941 on 3CX with a SIP firmware and followed a couple of different ones WITH NO luck.

    Everything seems very straight forward but it does not want to work on my setup.

    Here are some details:
    - Fresh install on 3CX free version (VLAN 10)
    - VOIP Provider CallCentric
    - Setup only one ext (100)
    - Cisco 7941G (VLAN 1)
    - Firware from Cisco: SIP41.8-0-2SR1S
    - PumpKIN TFTP
    - Created the following files: SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml, and DRdialplan.xml and placed them in the TFTP folder with the rest of the firmware files
    - Setup my DHCP Server

    When I restarted my 7941 it keeps looking for two files:
    - CTLSEP0018BA5A5819.tlv
    - Classic1.raw

    After reading some more online, I created those files with nothing in them. Restarted the phone and now PumpKIN shows that the transfer of CTLSEP0018BA5A5819.tlv has been completed but it goes in a loop of doing the same thing, and the phone does not register.

    When I remove the CTLSEP0018BA5A5819.tlv file from the TFTP folder the phone goes further:
    - It keeps trying to register and then "Defaulting to TFTP" server" flashes and then loops back to Registering...

    Logged in to my 3CX system and tried to provision the phone from there, but the 7941 is not listed in the dropdown menu.

    I am stuck and dont know what else to try...Please help
  2. pmalinov

    Oct 13, 2010
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    OK...I have made some progress.

    After hard resetting the phone it restarted in UPGRADE mode, and it upgraded to SIP fine- yayyyy
    But now it simply says "unprovisioned"

    Am I missing a step here on how to provision it?

    Thank you!
  3. pmalinov

    Oct 13, 2010
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    One more detail:

    I receive the following status messages from the phone's GUI:

    3:56:33a SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml
    3:56:33a Error Verifying Config Info
    3:57:04a File Not Found : CTLFile.tlv
    3:57:04a No CTL installed

    Here is my SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml configuration:

    <timeZone>Eastern Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
    <member priority="0">
    <!—Note – This following may need to be just g711 in later firmware versions -->
    <line button="1">
    <displayName>Peter Malinov</displayName>
    <line button="2">

    And this is my Console Log:

    |=== Syslogd === Tue Mar 21 22:54:02 2006
    INF 22:54:02.081673 child user cpu = 0.000000000 secs

    INF 22:54:02.081701 child sys cpu = 0.000000000 secs

    INF 22:54:02.081734 sys interrupts = 0.000661284 secs for 7 interrupts

    INF 22:54:02.081772 total cpu = 0.006993350 secs ( 0% utilization )

    NOT 22:54:02.086113 SECD: ctlRequestFile: tftp Status 2 rcv'd
    NOT 22:54:02.087343 SECD: updateCTL: finished CTL update
    ERR 22:54:02.088316 SECD: EROR:updateCTL: ** had NO CTL and CTL tftp FAILED** tftp-err 2
    WRN 22:54:02.165864 SECD: WARN:getCTLInfo: ** phone has no CTL
    NOT 22:54:02.178844 tftpClient: tftp request rcv'd from /usr/tmp/tftp, srcFile = SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml, dstFile = /usr/cache/SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml
    NOT 22:54:02.181930 tftpClient: auth server - tftpList[0] =
    NOT 22:54:02.182755 tftpClient: look up server - 0
    WRN 22:54:02.185677 SECD: WARN:lookupCTL: ** no CTL, assume TFTP NONSECURE
    NOT 22:54:02.189012 tftpClient: secVal = 0xa
    NOT 22:54:02.189832 tftpClient: is a NONsecure server
    NOT 22:54:02.275699 tftpClient: temp retval = SRVR_NONSECURE, keep looking
    NOT 22:54:02.276509 tftpClient: retval = 10
    NOT 22:54:02.277304 tftpClient: Secure file requested
    NOT 22:54:02.278105 tftpClient: Non secure file approved -- SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml
    NOT 22:54:02.290773 TFTP: [20]:Requesting SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml from
    NOT 22:54:02.305009 TFTP: [20]:Finished --> rcvd 1752 bytes
    NOT 22:54:02.355481 JVM: -XML| expected '=' after attribute "–", got "This" (line=35)
    NOT 22:54:02.370231 SECD: setSecMode: sec mode set to NONE (was NONE)
    NOT 22:54:02.629693 JVM: Thread-3|cip.cfg.d:? - DELETE ConfigFile:(scratchpad/SEP0018BA5A5819.cnf.xml)WAS SUCCESSFUL
    NOT 22:54:02.634518 JVM: Thread-3|cip.sipcc.c: - initializeLinePlane(): Mgmt Interface is in Service now..
    ERR 22:54:02.636333 JVM: Thread-3|cip.sipcc.c: - sipMinCfgCheck():Line 1 not configured..
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