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Company Phonebook Template issue in V9 for SNOM handsets

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Discovery Technology, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Discovery Technology

    Apr 19, 2008
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    We have noticed an issue with Version 9 relating to the Company Phonebook for SNOM handsets running firmware version 8.

    If you have a Snom phone running version 8 or higher firmware, there is a change in the default phone behaviour which causes havoc with the 3CX Phonebook.

    Instead of reloading the whole phonebook when the phone reloads its configuration, the V8 firmware instead by default merges the directory from the snom_phonebook.xml file with the directory already loaded on the phone.
    This ends up producing a local phonebook where numbers do not match names.

    V7 firmware made sense and replaced the old phonebook with the most recent copy.

    To get back to this behaviour, you need to edit the snom_phonebook.xml file in the provisioning directory of 3CX.
    There is a tag at the top of this file that says:


    Change this to be:

    <tbook complete="true">

    And save the file. Any phones reloading their configurations after this change will first delete then reload their phonebooks and all entries will make sense.

    However, every time a new phone user is added, changed or deleted, or an entry put into the company phonebook, 3CX regenerates this file and strips out the ‘complete=”true”’ change.
    This means the file needs to be re-edited to include this changed tag each time there is an extension change or a new number manually added to the company phonebook.

    It would be great if 3CX could resolve this issue within the system so that we don't have to include this additional step each time - we can confirm that this additional setting in the XML file is backwards-compatible with the version 7 firmware on SNOM handsets (unless of course someone knows how to change this in the back-end).

    Hope this helps you out if you notice this behaviour on your own systems...
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Thread Status:
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