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Complex Flow - Managing queues, stats , abandoned calls

Discussion in 'Call Flow Designer' started by Artur, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Artur

    Jul 6, 2017
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    Hi, I have implemented the flowing flow -- Menu -> Welcome Message --> Group Of Agents -> Second Message -> Another group of agents -> Third Message -> Go Back to start

    I Have implemented in 3CX using
    Menu Digital Receptionist -> Queue 1
    Queue 1 - Welcome Message in Intro , If no answer Queue 2
    Queue 2 - Second Messsage in Intro , If no answer Digital Receptionist 2
    Digital Receptionist 2 - Third Message, Destination for no or invalid input Queue 1

    It Works, with some problems:
    . Every jump between queues is counted like a abandoned call, so i don't know how many call i have not answer, and the waiting time. What i liked to know is from the perspective of the person that calls me ( the client )
    . If there is no agents in Queue 1 , the welcome message will no play. I can resolve making another DR but will complicate more my solutions

    My questions are:
    . There are another solution, a better solution to my flow. Should I implement this Call Flow Designer
    . I have studied CFD, and implementing will reduce the number of DR and queues need , but it not going to solve my problems
    . With this solution, is possible to have the stats from the point of view of the client.
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  2. edossantos

    edossantos Support Team
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    Jun 27, 2007
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    Hello @Artur,

    If the call gets to a queue and there are no agents, or the call is not answered after some time and you have a redirection configured, that queue will see the call as abandoned.

    Using the CFD you might implement some logic to check the state of a queue, and determine if it's a good moment to transfer the call to that queue. For example, before transfering to Queue1, you might check if there are agents available, and if those agents are in a call or not. Then you only transfer the call to that queue if someone is ready to take the call. Otherwise you go directly to Queue2.

    In this thread you have an example on how to check if a queue is ready to take calls (if there are agents available).

    Kind regards.
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