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Conference ID/PIN appended to Calendar ICS

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by voip@aed.pro, May 25, 2016.

  1. voip@aed.pro

    Oct 30, 2015
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    It would be greatly appreciated if the Conference Call Calendar ICS (invite) could be updated to include the Conference ID/PIN.

    The problem arises when clients click "Yes" to accept the calendar and then depend upon the calendar to act as their sole reminder for the details of the call. The calendar reminder is lacking the the Conference ID/PIN. When a client's calendar reminder opens, it rightly shows the dial in number but does not display the Conference ID/PIN necessary to join the conference. Would it be possible to have you change the Calendar "Where" description to include "Conference Number: ########## | Conference ID: ######" or better yet, apply the "MEMO" field of the email to the "Description" field of the ICS.

    We have used other conference solutions and their calendar invites generally provide the full details for the call.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!
  2. davidsteelerose

    Apr 6, 2015
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    I had yet another conference call participant not able to locate the Conf ID on the Calendar Event. Happens all the time.

    This is a huge issue for any Mac OS user with Outlook.

    3CX developers should consider passing the Conf ID in the Location field along with the Conf Desc (which is already there).

    Or tell us where we can modify this.

    By the way... the Subject line is editable in the Template and it's easy to add the Conf ID there. Works fine for Windows Outlook Clients. However the Mac does not bring in the Subject line from the email "as is" into the Subject of the Calendar. It brings in the words 3CX Conference and the Conference Name.