Configure phone templates to reject ghost calls

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    3CX support advised me today to set up port forwarding in front of a remote Yealink T42G phone, which I did.

    Within a couple hours, I started receiving repeated calls from ext. 1002. I answered a couple calls, then let the last one ring. It continued ringing for several minutes. I did a PCAP while it was ringing and found that the INVITE is coming from a server other than my 3CX server.

    I’m going to try the settings in this article (disable “Allow IP Call” and enable “Accept SIP Trust Server Only”):

    For V70/71/72 firmware:
    For V73/V80 firmware:

    Assuming that these settings solve the issue, I'd suggest making them the defaults in the Yealink provisioning templates.

    features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0
    sip.trust_ctrl = 1

    [Edited 3/31/2017 to use global parameter sip.trust_ctrl. Now neither parameter is account-specific. See the Yealink Administrator Guide for details.]
    [Edited 4/1/2017 to add link to V73/V80 FAQ article.]
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