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configuring with taitell

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Nikolas2309, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. Nikolas2309

    Jun 12, 2008
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    Hello everyone.

    After some time ( 2 days ) i finilly got this program to work.
    Fact is that i'm still on the testing part of it, most of the work i've done already, but there is this single thing wich is killing me.

    After a long time, i got both TAITELL voip gateway to work, and now they are like this.

    Taitell 1 : 4 fxs doors.
    3 of them are not beeing registered as they are beeing used by the company, and they have a 1 mega/full conection for them, the taitell voip is direct conceted into the internet. This only door that i'm using for testing is registering just fine into my SIP server.

    Taitell 2 : 1 door fxs
    This door is registering fine also into my sip server. The sip server ip is , and it is in the same network as this taitell ( wich ip is ).

    Fact, i can call for door taitell 2 to taitell 1 and the other way arround just fine, both telephone rings and all, but there is no sound passing ... neither way.

    I've tested with a Digital Receptionist into SIP server but when i dial 800 it also does not answer with the sound i've programed it to ( wich is a song, hope there is nothing wrong, as this is all for testing ).

    So there it is, i can diall, both sides of the telephones rings but the sound does pass through it !!

    I've gave all those informations to see if it could help in anything.

    OBS. I'm doing all this ONLY because i want to put all the 4 doors into TAITELL 1 to work as a hunting group when someone dials a number.
    Into the taitell web configuration, there is some options for hunting group, but i've tryed a lots of different ways of configuring it, but it does not work, so i've searched for another way, and found this SIP SERVER.


    thanks a lot guys !
    Sorry for the big post.

    Bye bye.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.