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Connection problems to VOIP Provider

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Great job you have done! I encounter some problems though.....

    I have a swedish SIP company (cellip)

    I have installed the PBX, latest version (beta 2)

    I have softphones at another machines, that can do internal calls.

    I have set up an VOIP Provider (cellip.com) and a line to it (gives status green/ok)

    I have set the Basic Rule to that provider (just changed to the one mentioned)

    The PBX registers at cellip. I have a webpage at the VOIP-provider to see that (below is the main response):

    Logon has been done from IP-adress:

    ...but I can not phone out or in.

    usually it is a IP when I use a direct softphone. Can I get the PBX to register a IP instead of 3CXPhoneSystem;rinstance=413ef513440b4205 ?

    I have a simple firewall (Barricade 7004br) with no specific restrictions.
    I have tried to do prot forward at ports: 5060-5061,16384-16482,9000-9003

    It is possible to use a softphone directly to cellip. Then I also fill in
    Firewall traversal : IP-adress: =Use local adress
    'Enable ICE',
    Domain proxy : sip.mysecretary.net

    I cant see if/how I can do that in PBX.

    I try to dial out , and starting with an extra 0

    the log says, it doesnt try to call out ? (err 403):

    22:23:42.829 CallConf::saveCallEvent Incoming c18 "101"<sip:101@> <sip:00739620123@> Incoming call (before routing)
    22:23:42.839 CallConf::saveCallEvent Rejected c18 "101"<sip:101@> <sip:00739620123@> Caller is not resolved or forbidden, sent 403 response
    22:23:42.849 CallConf::saveCallEvent Terminated c18 "101"<sip:101@> <sip:00739620123@> Call ended

    The register of the PBX to VOIP-provider looks fine (?)
    21:59:16.080 LineImpl::registered Line [#46855110848 @cellip] has been registered at provider

    All lines (one external and two internal) is on hook.

    I have sent this as a supportmail aswell with the debugfile.
  2. 3CXsupport

    3CXsupport New Member

    Aug 21, 2006
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    Thank you very much for your interest, time and feedback.

    From that log entry I would very much say that your extension 101 is not registered correctly. Can you try making an internal call with that extension (101), and then try an outbound call?

    hope this solves your problem, if not please feel more than welcome to follow up.
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