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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by ZED28, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I have been a user of Asterisk/Trixbox for about 18 months. I use it in a home environment and came across 3CX from a friend. I've tried it tonight and frankly, I am amazed at how easily I was able to get it working - compared to the time it has taken me to get Asterisk working.

    I do have a couple of questions though and my apologies if they are answered elsewhere.

    I have voice mails working perfectly and they are sent to my mailbox as attachments. But there's no message waiting light on the phone?

    I can't use 4 number extensions which to be honest is important. I also support a commercial VOIP system for a living and we use 4 digits there too. It really makes sense when you have a DID assigned to a particular extension. If my phone number is 202-404-1234 then my extension is more easily remembered as 1234.

    Voice prompts are a little 'wooden' but can be replaced with better quality prompts. This is the same for both systems though.

    No conference rooms? This is something that's really useful to have.

    On the plus side, I found the call quality to be better than Asterisk. I know this largely depends on the VOIP provider but I get a clear and 'non spotty' call when I use 3CX. I get some anomalies when I use Asterisk at times.

    Setting up was VERY simple and I really like the interface. It's simple but that's fine. If you've used Asterisk, it's pretty easy to navigate around and make sense of things. I know you guys are trying to avoid an Asterisk clone but from a migration point of view, this is a good thing! :wink:

    I've played with this for just a couple of hours and have been very impressed so far. My initial questions are concerns compared to the functionality I have now but I would switch to 3CX in a heartbeat if those issues were resolved.

    Excellent work and kudos to the devs. 8)
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    Thank you for your nice feedback and kind words to us :)
    Yes, we're going to implement message waiting lights support, conference rooms and 4-digits numbers. Except conferencing - it's quite easy to do, but now we're really concentarted on polishing existing code and making it to support as much different SIP devices as possible. After that is done we'll have a time to add these nice features, and also call queues, and more nice stuff. I cannot tell you exact dates, but can assure you that all that will be done quite soon.

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