Control over 3CX Android/iOS connectivity and Ext registration email notifications

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Anonymous, Jun 22, 2016.

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    For many of my on premise clients, I manage their instances and thus setup most of the email notification options. For all of my hosted clients, I do the same. The rub is for those users that use the mobile client. Every time that users 3CX app loses/regains connectivity it generates an " registration status of extension has been changed" email. Many times the same happens when a user either leaves or returns to an WiFi connected area. This generates a tremendous amount of useless email traffic that has to be sifted through to find legitimate issues. I have multiple users in sales positions that this behavior generates registered/unregistered emails for every time the lose cell data, reboot their phone, etc.

    My idea is to have EITHER another email notification category specifically about extension status of Android/iOS clients or a toggle somewhere to not notify for changes in Android/iOS client registration status.