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CRM and Voip

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Linux32, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Linux32

    Feb 27, 2008
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    If I am setting this up correctly what would be the address of the registrar?
    My settings:

    Cisco phone(7905)=proxy 192.168.1.xxx
    port: 5060

    Crm=GoldMine 8.02
    sip phone settings
    Sip server address: matches the cisco phone
    Sip Server port:5060
    Register with registrar: this is the weird part when iI don't add the registrar the softphone dials but goes nowhere. Wheb i add the address the same as the sip server then the keys on the softphone go grey or cannot be used.

    registrar port:5060...should this be 5090,5080 or 5070 as a tunnel?
    usernsme:105 thats also the extension
    password:1234...the same password as the phone
    Local SIP port:5060

    I have posted this in numerous places and if someone know about the settings for a softphone to be set to see a VegaStream unit(voip device\gateway) and dial with the use of the GolMine program...I can't wait to here from you.

    ps: the people that made this program do not know what will work with this setting...although thay have a program out that works directly with it??!!

    Sounds like Bill Gates is behind this..too
  2. darrellchapman

    Nov 26, 2007
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    I'd like to help you but to be totally honest, I have never used GoldMine CRM so I'm quite confused by what you're asking. Would you mind providing more details as to how this is typically setup and what is supposed to happen?

    Darrell Chapman
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