CTI Make Call - actually dial vs put on hold

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    Presently when I right click a voice mail and choose call,

    My phone plays a short tone and the LCD will read:
    From: Make Call
    Make Call

    While the call is in progress it there is no "ringing tone" as if you were actively dialing a call, only silence and then periodically the tone played from my phone.

    Correct me if I'm wrong of course. But what I feel is happening is the call is being made behind the scenes and placed on hold or park and then as soon as it actually makes a connection THEN it will transfer the call to my phone.
    Rather than silence and periodic beeps. I would really like to just hear the ringing and all the audio as if I had manually dialed the number myself.

    The reason is that many times I am waiting on the line much longer than I should be because I don't hear system messages from the phone number that I'm dialing. such as your call cannot be completed as dialed or similar message. And in these circumstances, and after much silence/periodic beeping I will get a message from 3cx like call transfer failed. But I will never know why. I haven't timed it to be honest, but it's longer than you would wait in any normal situation when calling someone back. I'm talking much longer than a minute, which is pretty reasonable to assume MOST if not all consumer voice mails will have picked up by then.

    So after getting call transfer failed message, I manually call these numbers and while I don't have an exact scenario to describe, the call will typically connect but there will be some automated recording/system message saying the number is incorrect etc. And that's pretty much how I came to my conclusion about how I think these calls are being made.

    Also, it would be nice if the LCD showed the number called on the 2nd line instead of reading
    From: Make Call
    Make Call