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Custom Destinations that can be changed via blf or dialcode

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by solutionsit, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. solutionsit

    Nov 25, 2014
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    We have a operator extension that is always forwarded to a ring group
    These operators are there monday to friday.
    However the store is open on saturday. She would like to forward the ring group simply to another ring group.

    So I would picture this an another module that has one input and two destinations out. When dialing the dial code it would change from one destination to the other and change the blf light color.

    Or a module that can do more than 2 destinations with a playback of a recording so you know what option your on.

    More than one would be used in our case for the following:
    We have an emergency option in our digital receptionist, that forwards to a extension, which isn't associated with a phone. It just forwards to a cell number. We cycle through 6 cell phone numbers. So right now I have a receptionist logging into the console and manually changing the number.
    If we could have the digital receptionist, forward to a module that cycles through the destinations with a dialcode and anouncing which option it was on or to have a custom recording. This would save the receptionist time and not have to have someone log into the console.

    We have a number of customers who use this kind option, and would like a button that can toggle the destination

    Freepbx has a option like this: