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Custom Fields on Provisioning Tab!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by briankayser, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. briankayser

    Jul 19, 2016
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    There are SO many additional settings on the various phone models that could be leveraged better if only we had a way to enter the data on the provisioning tab for each phone.

    Similar to how you can customize the XML in a template to control what 3CX asks for on the provisioning tab, give us TAGs that we can use to ask for custom items. I've had to be creative and use the CODECs drop downs or BLF speed dials to to this, but that is kludgey.

    I would love to be able to ask custom questions like:
    Weather City [Custom Dropdown List]
    Enable DST? [ ] checkbox
    Enable Auto Attended Transfer [ ] Checkbox
    Display Name of phone _____________________ free form text

    Then we could easily configure alternate line buttons if we could ask these questions.
    Line button 2 Ext _____________
    Line button 2 Auth _____________
    Line button 2 Password _____________
    Line button 2 Display Name _____________

    Simply assign these to variables like BLF's So maybe CustField0, Custfield1, or even allow use to specify names via XML.

    Then leave it up to us to use these in our custom templates.

    All you need to do is allow us to create what we want via XML to define the field types. something like this mockup.

    <CustomField variableName="WeatherCity" Type="dropdown">
    <option value = "LAX">Los Angles</options>
    <option value = "DET">Detroit</options>
    <option value = "NYY">New York City</options>
    <CustomField variableName="AAT" Type="Checkbox">
    <option value = "1">Enable Auto Attended Transfer</option>
    <CustomField variableName="DispName" Type="field">
    <option value = "">Phone Display Name</option>

    Then we could use %%WeatherCity%% and the others later in the template. In this example I could use this data to tell a Grndstream phone which city's weather data to display on the weather app.

    I wouldn't think this would be that hard!

    This would really put your auto provisioning method over the top of other PBX phone systems!!!!!
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